Feel Like You're Not Using All of the
Cool Features Katra Has to Offer?

Get More "Kartra Does That Too?"
Inside our Kartra Membership! 

  • Inside the Membership You'll Find:

  • MAPS of the Entire Kartra Platform

  • FLOWCHARTS (with links) of all the Done-For-You Funnels

  • Short and To-The-Point Instructional VIDEOS of COOL Kartra Features

  • And Yes... So Much More!

You've Made the Investment,
Now it Makes Sense to Make the Best Use of It

You're making a continuous investment of time and money in the tools you use in your business, so why not use them to their fullest?


With so many features inside Kartra (The All-In-One Platform), it's a virtual petrie dish for "CAN I do this...?" and "HOW do I do this...?"

Sometimes you need someone to show you how or where, sometimes all it takes is a different format. Either way, that's what our Kartra Membership is all about!

It's not that Kartra is confusing... in fact, it's very intuitive. It's just that it offers so much!


You want to DO MORE... it's just that you may not have discovered that feature you want to implement...



Here's What's Inside the Kartra Membership:

Interactive Maps

A collection of maps containing highlights of Kartra, training, a beginner's guide and how Kartra's featrues work together.  (Including links)

DFY Funnel Flowcharts

A one-page diagram for each of the Done-For-You Marketing Funnels inside Kartra. All the pages, emails, sequences, training, etc. (Including links)

Platform Maps

Each category inside the Kartra platform is mapped out so you can see exactly what features they contain.
(Including links)

Kartra Knowledgebase

Everything Kartra... Quick Start Guide, training, blog, dashboard, Academy, facebook group, etc. all in a very Cool "brain" for easy referernce.



Kartra Links

The links to all of Kartra. Everything from the Kartra main page to the social media sites, these are the links to take you there.

And Much More...

Short videos demonstrating some of the features of Kartra and other inside tips to help you get the most from this cool platform.

All of This is Designed to Help You...

  • Find tools and features inside Kartra

  • Understand the integrations of Kartra

  • Clarify the Done-For-You funnels

  • Learn some of the how-to's in Kartra

  • ... And More

Make the Most of Kartra...

Do We Actually Use Kartra?

Yep! In our business we use these Genesis Digital products:

Do We Know Kartra? See What Others Have Said...

I get most of my information from Pat and Lorna about what Kartra does. They know better than I do for some reason. They are our highest level of testers.... that test and try everything.

Donna Fox

Genesis Digital

Pat-Lorna Shanks Thank you. I love for my articles to have ALL the information and you always surprise me with a bit more info that I don't know. (hug)

MJ Schrader

Genesis Digital.

The Coolest Couple strike again! You guys are beyond amazing! Thank you! 

Simone Blum-Sherman

Genesis Digital

Note: They said this but it's not an official endorsement by them or by Kartra... just saying :)

Who is The Coolest Couple?

Hi! We're Pat and Lorna, and we're totally passionate about taking the experience we have in online marketing and the "techie stuff" to help you optimize your online marketing platform.


The underlying goal of this membership site is to take you a lot farther with Kartra than if you "go it alone". We believe that having things easier to find and understand is a huge boost in getting your online business to run the way you've always imagined.

Optimize Your Kartra Experience...


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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