Is Your Personal Brand on “Hold” Because You’re Stuck on Which Tools to Use?

Let Us Help You Stop Agonizing Over Them.
Inside You'll Find...

  • A Piece-By-Piece Guide to Online Tools and What They Do

  • Direction on Which Ones You Really Need to Start

  • User-Based Recommendations

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Helping You Make Fast, Simple, and Educated Choices for Your Online Tools so You Can Start Building Your Personal Brand!

In this 6-Module Training You'll Discover:

The  Basics (Overview)

Internet Access (the good kind), Browsers, Office Suites and Templates to make things easier 

Your Website

The Technology behind it,  your Online Presence, Marketing and so much more.

Online Services

Services provided through the Internet that help you manage things and get shit done. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Everything you need to manage your customers, from first engagement to ongoing communications.

Business Tools

The tools that keep everything in your Business easy to find and running smoothly. 


A general overview of the hardware that make all those other tools run - and which ones you need to start.

What's Inside the "Personal Branding Tools" Training:

  • Membership Access to All 6 Video Modules
    • A general overview of all the types of tools
    • A detailed "by-name" list of the tools and which ones we recommend
    • Direction on which ones you need to start with
  • A Downloadable Version of the "Personal Branding Tools" Mind Map

The Coolest Couple: Your "Essential to Action" Teachers...

With over 10 years experience in working with online marketers and marketing our own online courses, we have seen the inside of many different types of online businesses and we know what it takes to make them work.


What makes us unique? We love to share more than one perspective on things. There's always more than one way to do something and it's way cooler to go with what works for you than to blindly follow someone else's path.

Who is this Course For?

This training is tailored for people just
getting started. Although we will cover some advanced strategies and tools, the focus is on
the real nuts and bolts of starting an online business.

This training is not for those with
an established online business,
or if you already know everything
about starting one.

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