Building a Funnel Takes You Away from
​the Business of Your Business!

We help you FOCUS ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT by creating your high-converting funnels FOR YOU!

  • Giving YOU the FREEDOM to:

  • CREATE and DELIVER More Products and Services

  • CONNECT with Your Customers and Clients

  • GROW Your Business (Yes, more profits)

In other words... your time is too valuable to be spent on the
nitty-gritty, time-consuming work

Yes, we get it.


You have products and services you want to get out to your market NOW! You also want a powerful, high-converting and automated funnel that's set-up and ready to go, but you really don't have the time to do it all. 

You want to focus on what YOU DO BEST! And if  that's NOT setting up funnels, the techie stuff, writing copy  or any of the other framework-building tasks... we're here to help!

 Let's Get Started on Your Funnel...

How can you provide your customers and clients with more "whoooooah" if you're entrenched in funnel building? YOU CAN'T.


And how many sales are you missing out on because you're trying to do it all yourself?


You and your customers deserve more. So....

Here's How We Can Help:

Product Setup

Set up your product(s), position it within a funnel, and set up the pricing options, refund policy, checkout page and affiliates.

Membership Site Setup

Build your membership site using your content input. This includes content sections, access levels, drip content, notification emails and tagging.


Set up your sequences so your visitors go through your funnel based on their actions... automatically!

Opt-In Forms

Create opt-in forms to attract your prospects and subscribe them to your database once they register.



Page Builder

Using your content and page design ideas, we'll help you navigate your way around the drag-and-drop page builder to create cool, high-converting pages.

Custom Domain

Connect your custom domain to your account in Kartra, so your brand appears on all your Kartra pages and links.


Create all your automation rules
(IF -> THEN) for you. These rules, along with your sequences, will have your marketing run on autopilot.

Lists, Leads and Tags

Already have a list? Great! We'll import your leads, sort them into lists and assign them tags in a way that makes sense for your business.


Set up email broadcasts that can be delivered to all, or segments of your list, and applying tags based on the actions of your leads.


Set up your helpdesk... including access channels, knowledgebase articles, tag assignment for sequence implementation and assist with your canned responses.

Page and Link Tracking

Generate embeddable tracking codes to monitor page activity, visits, revenue and tag visitors, as well as tracking links to monitor where your traffic and conversions come from. 

... And More

Other services: loading videos, split testing, instant payment notifications and integrations. If we still haven't covered what you're looking for -
just ask!

Then Turn Those Into...

  • Lead Generation Funnels

  • Membership Funnels

  • Upsell / Downsell Product Funnels

  • Live and Automated Webinar Funnels

  • ... And More

Let's Be Sure We're Right For Each Other...

  • You Know Your Business - You're Just Too Busy

    You've established what your business is all about, who you're attracting, how you're helping them, and have created the products/services you're offering. You're just too busy to put together (or transfer) your marketing funnel.

  • You've Got Experience

    You understand online marketing and you already have a vision for your marketing funnel.

  • You're COOL!

    You totally enjoy working with others and get that we're here to help you. You're a joy to work with :)

  • You Expect Added "Extra's" to be Free

    We'll outline together, at the beginning, what your project will consist of. We won't work with those who expect to add stuff to their project for no extra cost.

  • You're a Procrastinator

    We'll need your input along the way. After all, it is YOUR funnel. The project will stall if you procrastinate on providing your input.

  • You're Not Cool

    To put it simply... we don't work with asses; we do work with Cool people.

We Totally Believe in the Power of Having Everything in

So we work with these three platforms:

Do We Know Kartra? See What Others Have Said...

Pat & Lorna are so on top of all of the things Kartra can do, they often post in the user's group about a new feature added before we've had the chance to! They are our highest level of testers... they test and try everything


Donna Fox

Genesis Digital

The Coolest Couple strike again! You guys are beyond amazing! Thank you! 

Simone Blum-Sherman

Where do you go when you don’t even know what question to ask? Pat & Lorna! They have accumulated an amazing body of knowledge; marketing in general, yes, but more specifically behavior based web design, and technical platform know-how about Kartra. They were able to identify a simple fix to an issue I was unaware existed with the URL for my home page (this would have cost me customers if not identified)! No matter if you are trying to integrate with other tools, build an overall strategy for your business, or migrate from another system(s) - from initial talk to lights in, Pat & Lorna are a powerhouse. Highly Recommended!


And on Video Too...

Donna Fox

Genesis Digital

Ron Marcus

Genesis Digital

Amanda van der Gulik

One of Our Client"s Cool Funnels...

Who is The Coolest Couple?

Hi! We're Pat and Lorna, and we're totally passionate about taking the experience we have in online marketing and the "techie stuff" to help you get your marketing funnel automated and working FOR YOU.


Having our own online business we get where you are and where you want to be. We help you create your funnels and automation so you have the time freedom to work on the important things in your business. In other words; we build your funnel, you build your business.


As with everything else in life, a support system will take you a lot farther than if you "go it alone". Working together, we'll create the online business of your dreams without the overwhelm and "burn-out".

Simply Reserve Your First Hour
We'll be in Touch to Discuss Your Needs...

Here's How Your COOL Funnel Build Evolves...

Step 1: Plan

It all begins by getting to know you, your business and the value you're bringing to the market. Once we understand that, and who your target market is, we will create a plan of exactly what you want and need in YOUR funnel and the steps to get there.

Step 2: Build

This is where the magic happens... where we dive into building out YOUR funnel, including everything we outlined in Step 1 (with your valuable input). Like to know where it's at?You can actually track the progress of your funnel build!

Step 3: Go Live

Now for the exciting part... your funnel is up and running and it's your time to shine! You'll be marketing, promoting and connecting to your market in a way that's totally unique to you.  Yep, this is where you do what you do best!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Am I limited to Kartra, WebinarJam and EverWebinar?

What input do I need to provide?

How will I know the progress of my project?

Are there any other costs I should know about?

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